Sunday, 6 April 2014

Tom 'Tris' to secure funds

NiceTri club member Tom is all over the papers as he 'Tris' to secure funds for his GB representation in Canada and Spain.
Tom has been chuffed with the level of support he has received form many fellow club members, currently he has been pledged £2,077 of the £2,460. If you want to back Tom this is his page funding page:

This is a cut and copy from a recent article By Richard Hughes of the Hunts Post: (apart from the photos)

Seventeen-year-old triathlete Tom Stead has turned to the crowd-funding website Talent Backer to help fund his burgeoning career in the fast growing sport.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Nicetri Club V St Neots Old boy's

British Heart Foundation Charity Rugby Match 15th February 2014

Well, it’s official.

A date for your diaries. The game will be during the afternoon, which is a must watch, it's going to be very funny - and probably quite painful for many! 
It would be great to have you all supporting your club mates from the side lines !!
So, please bring your entire family that's kids, grandparents, friends, neighbours, countrymen ... you get the gist... and then
get your party gear out, spend the evening with the Nicetri gang at St Neots Rugby club - there will be a band and disco.

Come and have a Laugh and joke at our expense as we take on the local Rugby club. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

**santa ride**

Saturday 14th December 11:00 meet Rowing Club

You must wear a Santa Suit or be in Festive Fancy Dress (this is mandatory - any poor attempts will be prosecuted) 

This is open to all, non members, kids, the lot!

The plan is to meet at the Rowing Club, have a gentle amble through town.
The ride will be kept to an easy tour of St Neots...lets bring St Neots to a standstill and cause a RIOT!!....Happppppeeeeee Christmassss!. Then for a beer or 12.

Please note......we are riding on public roads through St Neots so please be sensible in respect of cycle ability, awareness and safety, especially for youngsters!

Thank you and HO HO HO!

Duncan (captain)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Chairman’s Overview 2012-13..... By Paul Ridley

  This brief overview will outline what your committee has been working on and achieved during the last twelve months.

We have had six committee meetings and five Club meetings all of which were well attended.

This was the first year in the club’s three year history where we really managed to establish an identity and bring together people of all abilities who wanted to participate in the three triathlon disciplines.

Members trained, raced or just enjoyed the social side of the club and asked for more regular training and social events.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Captains round up.... from Mon 21st Oct

•        Tuesday Night 18:30 Speed Work (Meet Priory Park Car Park) will be another fun beasting from Ritchie

•        Wednesday Night 18:30 Club Turbo (Duloe Village Hall) £1 members / £2 Non Members – welcome to the sweat fest!

•        Saturday 08:00 Club Ride (St Neots Rowing Club) – 40-50 miles (Base Training)

•        Sunday 09:00 Club “long” Run (St Neots Rowing Club) – 10+ Miles (will be part/all XC)

See here for our winter Training schedule

AGM this coming Friday 25th….it’s your time to get involved and even get on the committee?
Great turn out at both speed work and turbo last week, hopefully you’re all seeing the benefits, plus how ALL abilities are being catered for.  Keep it up guys and well done!
Weekend Training – really looking for club support here, please come if you can, the more we have the better we can manage speeds, distances etc!
Let’s keep racing over winter….and watch this space for Winter TT’s, Club 5k Handicap Races and Even the odd Grafham Duathalon….muddy, sweaty and dirty?!
Finally….keep those blogs coming in, even if it’s a reflection on your year…..Thanks Team NiceTri!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I’m a triathlete….. I REALLY am!! ... By Mark Lloyd

Picture the scene…..
It’s the 31st December 2012 and I’m sitting at my PC collating all my cycling data for the year – sad eh!!  It suddenly dawns on me that I’ve cycled over 4000 miles in 2012 and I’m still a fat b%£$&!”£ - this can’t be right!!
“This year I’m going to make a resolution and I’m going to stick to it” I thought to myself.
I know a few people that have taken part in triathlons, they are all slim, so it must be good for you.  I quite fancy that idea – so let’s do it.
This was my first ‘serious’ resolution and I felt proud that I’d had made that commitment to myself.
It’s amazing how all of this changed as I put on my trainers the next day and went for a ‘run’.  What the hell have I done!!!!!!????? I put this initial atrocious performance down to the fact that I don’t like running so wasn’t too hard on myself ?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Battle of the Year.... part two by Ben Hall

Battle of the year - The pressure of expectation.

 So I should start this by firstly introducing myself as if you were not one of the original Nice Tri members you may not know who I am.
My name is Ben and I am the current club treasurer, however I'm best known for being the 'King of Tapering' and my efforts to 'peak' for the 1 race I do each year. (Club Relays) Regrettably though, more recently for going out drinking until 3am the night before this year’s club relays....

And quickly moving on, 2013 would be the year for change, this would be the year I would break the stigma and do a second race! Nice Tri Sprint 2 on Sunday 8th September.
Only 2 weeks after the club relays this would be sure to raise some eyebrows! Though before we get to the race though let us rewind to how we got to this point.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Battle of the Year .......part one by Chris Viggars

 Battle of the Year - The only reliable account of that fateful day '

It was an evening like any other, or so it seemed. Myself, Ben Hall and Chris Ritchie were sat in Ben's front room, making our way through a crate of something cold. The conversation, as it invariably does, turned to Triathlons; more specifically, Ben's Illustrious Triathlon Career. Now, this was a long time ago and I'd already had about 5 cans, so truth be told I can't really remember what was said. So here, i'll try my best and the rest i will confidently fabricate and hope no one queries it:

Viggars: "So Ben, what sort of time would you be happy with in a [Sprint] Triathlon?"
Hall: "Dno, about 1 Hour 30?"
Viggars: "1 Hour 30? Pah! I could do a 1:20 and I’m not even a Triathlete."

Monday, 9 September 2013

For immediate release

We have had this rather useful 'fill in the blanks' press release sent to us, so thought why not use it.

 For immediate release

Mick Lawrence, Richard Hancock, Ian Turner, Chris Ritchie, Emma Ritchie and Tom Stead MAKE THE GREAT BRITAIN TEAM FOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

Monday, 2 September 2013

Let's set the scene...... By Emma Ritchie

National Club Relay Championships August 2013

It's early Saturday morning when most 'normal' people are still sleeping or at least inside cosy and warm! Well not us, stood in the cold and rain waiting to go and beast ourselves in Nottingham! The rain didn't ease up all the way and in fact I would say it got worse. However someone was being good to us as soon as we saw the signs for Pierre Point the sun came out.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

'My First Triathlon - an Enthusiastic Idiot'...... By Chris Viggars

Saturday the 24th August 2013 will be remembered in history (maybe just by me) as the day that a young Chris Viggars exploded onto the UK Triathlon Scene – a seemingly out of character endeavour for a man better known as St Neots Rugby Club 2nd Choice Flanker 2007 and a  semi-professional consumer of John Smiths.

The Club Relay Championships is a Triathlon event held every year at the National Water Sports Centre, a purpose built rowing lake in the heart of sunny Nottingham. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the event, the concept is simple: teams of 4 take turns to complete each Triathlon discipline: transitions are carried out between team members with the passing of a rubber wristband, and once each member of the team has completed their 500m Swim, 15k Ride and 5k Run the clock stops.